Welcome to Roadskill Motorcycle Training

All of our instructors are fully qualified in their field so we can cater for all needs. Our instructors are RSA ADI, FAS Registered Tutors, RoSPA Diploma holders in advanced tuition. Roadskill are approved by the RSA to conduct IBT (Initial Basic Training) for motorcyclists at our dedicated motorcycle training compound.

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Please note that we will not pair up anyone who is a novice or has never ridden a motorcycle before. Customers who fall into this bracket must do one on one training.

If you have ridden a motorcycle before but wish to do one on one training then this can be arranged for the one on one price.

If you wish to pair up with another rider and you have previous experience then we can normally find somebody to pair you up with.

                             COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS

Classroom sessions will be a maximum of 4 people with 2m social distance spacing between them. Day 2 on the bike is a maximum of 2 per instructor. 

On the day of your training we will open the doors at the start time stated and then ask you to follow our health & safety protocols in place.

What should you bring with you?

We ask all customer to supply their own lunch on the day as we are not near any shops.

We will supply you with an IBT log book and a fresh bottle of water.

You will need to bring your own pen and extra drinks if you require them during the day.

We will ask you to adhere to certain rules during the breaks etc.