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  • Do you feel like a career change?


  • Do you have the skills to teach others?
  • Would you like to be your own boss?
  • Want to become a qualified driving/riding instructor?


Welcome to Roadskill an RSA Approved Driving Instructor Training Organisation.

Roadskill is approved by the RSA to deliver all 3 Training Modules. Please be advised not all instructor training schools are approved by the RSA
Some schools are approved to deliver only one module. Just because a school Large or small advertises they do instructor training it does not mean they are approved by the RSA. Please call 096 25007 Rsa adi unit to confirm that a training school is approved and they can deliver all modules.

Why not give Roadskill Training Centre a call to find out what you need to do and maybe book the ADI (approved Driving Instructor) course. We can provide the Car or Motorcycle training course you need to go on and pursue your new career.


You could be eligible for a grant of up to half of the course fee with FAS


Only training centres that are approved by the RSA can deliver the RSA approved training syllabus. Each Training Centre must provide all of the required modules. Each student can sign up for one, two or all three modules. The decision on which option to choose is entirely down to the candidate Driving Instructor, and their assessment of their own learning needs.


Roadskill are RSA (Road Safety Authority) approved to deliver the complete ADI training syllabus so you can be assured of the highest quality training and continual support of a recognised training body. Roadskill can supply you with all of the relevant revision material needed and also guide you through the whole process with only the best training facilities. Our modern classrooms and training compound are second to none in Ireland and our instructors are all of the highest calibre.


How Long Will It Take

The time it takes to qualify is subject to the RSA's examination schedules. There are three stages to the qualifying process which consists of an extended theory test, an extended driving test and an exam on your ability to instruct.

Each stage has to be taken consecutively and there is a possibility of a six week waiting period (Possible Longer) between. This means that the exam process itself is at least 18 weeks. Allowing for delays or cancellations this could also be a shorter or longer period. Because of this Roadskill recommend that you should be prepared and test ready prior to applying for stage two or three.


The course is split into 12 days overall in 3 stages as follows

You may book each stage of the syllabus seperately if you wish.


To see what the three exams require click on the relevant button below

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is the agency responsible for conducting all theory and practical driving tests in the Republic of Ireland, and has responsibility for maintaining the Register of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs).

As from the 1st May 2009, it is illegal for anyone to charge for driving tuition unless their name is on the Register of ADIs. In order to become an ADI, you will need to pass the RSA ADI qualifying examination and meet certain minimum legal requirements. Namely you must:


1. Hold a full IRISH or EEA unrestricted car driving licence


2. Have held your licence for at least 2 years prior to entering the Register after qualifying


3. Not have been disqualified from driving at any time in the 4 years prior to being entered in the Register


4. Be a ‘fit and proper’ person to have your name entered on the Register



All convictions, motoring or non-motoring still in force will be taken into account by the RSA before allowing you on the Register, and from experience we know that anyone with 6 or more points on their licence within the last 2 years prior to entry on the Register is likely to be rejected. You now also need to apply for a Criminal Record Bureau check as part of this process.

Please also note that on the Stage 2 driving test you must be able to take rear observations by looking around when reversing without heavy dependency on the mirrors. So if you have minimal neck movement this will need to be checked before you start, since you are not allowed additional mirrors as on the ordinary driving test.



RSA exam fees

Stage 1 theory test €150.00

Stage 2 driving test €200.00

Stage 3 instructional ability test €200.00

2 year registration €250.00


Please remember that this is the full official ADI training syllabus provided to us by the RSA. Roadskill instructor training centre is approved by the RSA as an ADI training facility. Beware of the cheap imitation training courses being provided by none RSA approved companies. Apart from not giving the correct training needed you may well have paid good money for poor standard tuition.



Once you have qualified you may get the option to become affiliated with Roadskill in your local area. We are actively seeking Car & Motorcycle instructors in all areas, Some investment is required for ADI training if you do not already hold ADI qualifications for Categories A or B