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Course to Commence Feb/March 2015


Train the Trainer


Duration: 5 Days



This programme is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to manage training and development in a professional manner. The programme will develop an awareness of the context for training and development, and the key issues that impact on its planning and delivery. This programme will enable participants to not only become confident as a trainer but to also gain a recognised academic qualification.




The objectives of this course are that participants should be able to:


  • Compare and contrast concepts of training and education

  • Demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics in the context of training

  • Understand a variety of psychological theories of learning

  • Distinguish the difference between andragogy and pedagogy

  • Understand what motivates the adult learner

  • Plan, undertake and evaluate a training needs analysis

  • Distinguish between teaching, training and facilitation

  • Set clear and achievable objectives for a training course

  • Deliver a professional presentation

  • Demonstrate the communication skills needed to deliver a training programme i.e. listening, responding, managing the group process, awareness of body language etc.

  • Evaluate a training session through written and oral feedback


Programme Syllabus


Day 1: Theory of training & adult learning

  • Learn the various concepts of training and education

  • Know the academic framework for training practice

  • Understand the principles of adult learning

  • Understand different learning styles and outcomes


Day 2: The role of the trainer

  • A useful guide to good training practice

  • Learn different training styles and how to handle conflict resolution

  • How to deal with challenging attitudes and behaviours

  • Discovering and developing your own needs as a trainer

Day 3: A breakdown of training needs & programme design

  • Guidelines on how to identify and analyse training requirements

  • Learn how to construct a training programme

  • How to identify and set out training objectives

  • Learn how to sufficiently conform to certification bodies


Day 4: Preparing for training delivery

  • In depth guidelines into the planning process

  • Learn how to create interesting and relevant exercises

  • Tips on preparation of training tools, visual aids etc.


Practical Assessment/Review/Evaluation

  • Practical Assessments

  • Programme Evaluation/Review


Day 5: Training Delivery

  • Encouraging learner participation and facilitating learning

  • How to establish, promote and maintain a positive learning environment

  • Learn diverse training strategies to build a varied and appealing programme


Evaluation of training

  • Tips on an effective evaluation process

  • How to evaluate learner progress against learning objectives

  • Facilitating learning and encouraging learner participation


Assessment Details

A personal portfolio must be prepared by each attendee to reflect their experiences of learning and will be submitted at the conclusion of the programme along with course assignments. The course assignments will be designed to show how each attendee can plan, research and prepare two different training programmes. They will then deliver these programmes and demonstrate how to evaluate their effectiveness.


The awarding of marks is broken down as follows:

  • Skills Demonstration 50%

  • Assessment 50%


Entry RequirementsLeaving Certificate or equivalent qualification (level 5)

Knowledge of PowerPoint is desirable

  • (Note: Candidates need to have the self-confidence necessary to being a Trainer)



Careers or Further Progression Options

Adult Education Lecturer, Self-Employment, Training Instructor.



Enrolment Details

Enrol now by calling 01-5252527 or e-mail enquiries@iie.ie


For fast and convenient enrolment call 01-5252527..